PARD NV007A Digital Night Vision Add On

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Product Description

One of the most cost effective nightvision units on the market the Pard NV007 is feature packed budget beater to rival units twice its price. At the heart of the NV007 is a full 1080P HD day / night vision sensor. That connects to an 800x600px eyepiece display.This unit can be used off and on rifle for spotting and shooting, for added flexibility there is a useful optical magnification of 2-7x and built in IR making it a completely self contained unit. 

Possibly one of the easiest units to fit to a rifle the NV007 is supplied complete with a Quick Release bayonet fitting. Fits Eyepeice diameters up to 47mm. The unit is powered by a single 18650 flat top rechargeable battery (supplied) and can be charged externally or inside the unit itself via USB. The unit can also be powered via USB. Battery life is around 8 hours.
The unit also has built in WiFi transmission so the view can be monitored on a smart phone or tablet. The app can also be used to control the recording functions of the unit. Night time range fitted behind a day scope is up to 150 yards and with and external illuminator this can easily be pushed past 200yds. The unit has a fast 5 second start up and also has a sleep function for instant on. The unit works best, especially at night with a day scope that has either adjustable objective or side parallax, that will ideally focus down to 40 yards due to the different focal point of IR light. Maximum eyepiece diameter of your day scope should be 47mm or less.
  • 1080P Full colour for day time viewing
  • 1080P Night viewing
  • Recoil tested for up to 308 calibre rifles
  • Built in recorder for videoing your hunts
  • Adjustable brightness and exposure for getting the perfect set up for all conditions
  • Built in WIFI system to allow for remote viewing through your mobile or smart device.
  • Takes a micro SD card for saving your videos
  • Dioptre adjustment
  • Takes a single 18650 battery (supplied separately) This unit will only work with the 18650 battery that does not have a nipple
  • On board compact IR Illuminator with a 3 power modes and zoom function
  • Built in laser illuminator
  • Scope mount included for quick on and off mounting
  • 1.5x native magnification


Included in the box

  • 45mm scope ring mount for rifle scope : fits most rifle scope eyebells upto 45mm diameter.
  • Replacement O-rings & Allen Keys
  • Battery
  • Tape for packing eyepiece
  • 16mm Focus-able lens


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