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Thorndale Safaris

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Thorndale Safari

Situated in Kirkwood, Eastern Cape (South Africa)

Thorndale Hunting Safari was introduced to the international world in 2001 when proud owner, Jens Heimberg purchased the Ranch.
Before the 2001 purchase Thorndale farm (as it was known then) held three title deeds and the land was used for sheep and goat farming. The existing farm was transformed from livestock farming to a Hunting Ranch, and today comprises a total area of just over 5000 hectares (13 000 acres) of pristine hunting terrain.
Thorndale Safari is world-renowned for its top quality trophies, which include the East Cape Kudu, Blue Wildebeest, Gemsbuck, Impala and other species. With over 40 species to hunt and more than 2000 antelope on our ranch, game is in abundance and gives the hunter a real African hunting experience at its very best.
Our Thorndale team consists of 6 full time employees, our Ranch Manager and Professional Hunter Matthew Guyan, Francois Van der Walt our Professional Hunter, and Freddie and Petros our trackers and skinners. With this team we ensure that all our clients will be provided with excellent service and award winning trophies.
The game farm and hunting lodge is perfectly positioned in a malaria-free zone of Southern Africa. Thorndale Safari is in the heart of the Eastern Cape, 100 km north of Port Elizabeth.
Thorndale Safari’s game lodge has been awarded a five-star accommodation rating from the South African Tourism Grading Council. It is strategically positioned atop a hillside overlooking its 5000 hectares of bushveld, accompanied by a perfect African sunset.
The hunting lodge’s luxury accommodation is a truly magnificent way to experience the wild sights and sounds of Africa. We have created a balance between five star comforts and a unique African experience.
We are life members of Safari Club International, Professional Hunters Association of South Africa and Wildlife Ranchers South Africa.

Facilities include Airport Charter Service, Cellphone reception, EFT / Card payment facility, Family friendly, Hunting vehicle, Photographic Safaris, Pro-Conservation, Slaughter facilities, Swimming pool and Taxidermy

1 - 25 guests can be accommodated.

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Hunting Specifications

Trophy Hunting only
Rifle Hunting only
Bushveld, Hills and Plains
Hide / Blind, Mobile, Voorsit / Ambush and Walk & Stalk
Baboon(50.00 USD)
Black Wildebeest (Female)POA
Black Wildebeest (Male)POA
Black Wildebeest (Trophy)POA
Blesbuck (Female)POA
Blesbuck (Male)POA
Blesbuck (Trophy)POA
Blesbuck (White)POA
Blue Wildebeest (Female)POA
Blue Wildebeest (Male 1)POA
Blue Wildebeest (Trophy)POA
Bushbuck (Female)POA
Bushbuck (Male)POA
Bushbuck (Trophy)POA
Duiker (Blue)POA
Duiker (Grey) (Female)POA
Duiker (Grey) (Male)POA
Duiker (Grey) (Trophy)POA
Eland (Cape) (Female)POA
Eland (Cape) (Male 1)POA
Eland (Cape) (Trophy 1)POA
Fallow deer (Female)POA
Fallow deer (Male)POA
Fallow deer (Trophy)POA
Gemsbok / Oryx (Female)POA
Gemsbok / Oryx (Male 1)POA
Gemsbok / Oryx (Trophy)POA
Impala (Female)POA
Impala (Male 1)POA
Impala (Trophy 1)POA
Jackal(100.00 USD)
Kudu (Female)POA
Kudu (Male 1)POA
Kudu (Trophy 1)POA
Mountain reedbuck (Female)POA
Mountain reedbuck (Male)POA
Mountain reedbuck (Trophy)POA
Nyala (Female)POA
Nyala (Male 1)POA
Nyala (Trophy)POA
Springbuck (Black)POA
Springbuck (Female)POA
Springbuck (Male)POA
Springbuck (Trophy)POA
Springbuck (White)POA
Steenbuck (Female)POA
Steenbuck (Male)POA
Steenbuck (Trophy)POA
Tsessebe (Female)POA
Tsessebe (Male)POA
Tsessebe (Trophy)POA
Vaal RhebuckPOA
Warthog (Female)POA
Warthog (Male)POA
Waterbuck (Female)POA
Waterbuck (Male 1)POA
Waterbuck (Trophy)POA
Zebra (Burchell's) (Trophy)POA

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