Western Rivers Mantis Pro 400 Electronic Call w/Bluetooth

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  • Bluetooth Wireless to stream audio or additional calls from a paired device such as a smartphone
  • 4” Reflex Loudspeaker (loudness: 105 to 110db)
  • 1GB Internal Memory - stores 400 permanent sounds
  • SD card slot to expand call capacity
  • Two External jacks to accommodate secondary amplified speaker(s) for virtual surround functionality
  • External power jack and sync connector with mounting bracket for motorized decoy (Removable cover to expose mount and connector)
  • Auxiliary output to trigger motorized decoy (sync), in addition to motor sync connector
  • Sound overlay- allows two sounds to play simultaneously
  • Customizable quicksets
  • 2-5 “calls” to play in set
  • Set = Random or Sequential play with Preset spacing distances between “calls” of 5 sec., 10 sec, 20 sec., 30 sec.
  • Powered by 8 AA batteries (batteries not included)
  • Jack for external power source (battery box)

Remote Control:

  • Integrated/removable remote control
  • All functions are controlled thru remote.
  • Remote control with 2.0” screen with 4 to 6 lines of text/icons (LED backlit)
  • Up to 300 yards range for remote control
  • Remote to have the ability to trigger a custom function / sequence of calls (Quickset functions)
  • Backlit push button

CLICK ON THIS LINK FOR FREE WILDLIFE SOUND DOWNLOADS: http://www.gsmoutdoors.com/western-rivers/digital-sounds/



Bear (Brown)
Bear Cub Grunts
Bear Growl 1 (Grizzly)
Bear Growl 2 (Grizzly)
Bear Growl 3 (Grizzly)
Bear Roaring
Bear(Black) Chomping & Snorting
Bear(Black) Cub Distress
Black Bear Cub Distress
Beaver 1
Beaver 2
Beaver eating in wild
Beaver startled
Beaver 3
Bobcat Distress
Bobcat Purring
Cougar Growling
House Cat Cries 
House cat cries 2
Leopard Growl
Lion 1
Lion 2
Lion 3
Lion Cub
Panther Panting
Tiger Growl
Canine Distress
Canine Pup Distress
Coyote and Cottontail Distress
Coyote and Fawn Distress
Coyote and Turkey Distress
Coyote Barking
Coyote Challenge Bark
Coyote Challenge Dominant Male
Coyote Challenge Howl
Coyote Challenge Mature
Coyote Challenge Bark
Coyote Greeting Howl
Coyote Greeting
Coyote howl 1
Coyote Howling Female
Coyote Howling
Coyote Locator 1
Coyote Locator 2
Coyote Locator 3
Coyote Locator 4
Coyote Lone Challenge
Coyote Lone Howl 1
Coyote Lone Howl 2
Coyote Pack Howling
Coyote Pup Distress
Coyote Pup
Coyote Pups Howling
Wolf Howls 1
Wolf Howls 2
Buck Dominant Grunt.
Buck Grunt Tending
Buck Grunt
Buck Rubbing Tree
Buck Snort Wheeze
Buck Snort
Buck Social Grunt
Buck Tending Grunt
Bucks fighting
Bucks Rattling Antlers
Bucks Sparring 2
Bucks Sparring
Deer Pawing
Doe Bleat 2
Doe Bleat
Doe Bleats
Doe Estrus Bleat Heavy
Doe Estrus Bleat Mild
Fawn Distress 2
Fawn Distress 3
Fawn Distress 1
Charolais Bull Warning
Chicken Distress
chicken distress 2
Chickens 1.
Chickens 2.
Chickens 3
Chickens 4
Cow Baby Calf
Lamb Bleats
Lambs Eating
Pigmy Goat
Elephant 1
Elephant 2
Elk Cow
Elk Bellows 1
Elk Bellows 2
Elk Bugle 1
Elk Bugle 2
Elk Bugle Adult
Elk Bugle Grunt
Elk Bugle Young
Elk Grunt & Bellow
Elk Grunt
Moose Bull Call
Moose Bull Raking Bush
Moose Bull Raking Tree
Moose Bull
Moose Bulls Fighting
Moose Cow 13 Come Get Me Big Boy
Moose Cow 13 In Heat Locator Call
Moose Cow 13 In Heat Long
Moose Cow 13 In Heat Short Call
Moose Cow Harrassed by Young Bull
Moose Cow In Heat Not Ready to Stand
Moose Cow Moose In Distress
Moose Grunt 1
Moose Grunt 2
Moose Grunt 3
Moose Grunt 4
Moose Old Bull Challenge Call
Moose Old Bull In Love Hound Dogging
Moose Old Bull In Love
Moose Old Bull Territorial Call
Moose Old Bull Wants To Fight
Moose Old Cow Come Get Me Big Boy
Moose Old Cow In Heat Locator Call
Moose Old Cow In Heat Long Call
Moose Old Cow In Heat Short Call
Moose Summer Calf In Distress
Moose Winter Calf In Distress
Moose Young Bull In Love Hound Dogging
Moose Young Bull In Love
Moose Young Bull Territorial
Moose Young Bull Wants To Fight
Moose Young Cow Come Get Me Big Boy
Moose Young Cow In Heat Locator
Moose Young Cow In Heat Long Call
Moose Young Cow In Heat Short Call
Black Grouse
Bull Raking Bush
Bull Raking Tree
Bulls Fighting
Cow Come Get Me Big Boy
Cow Harrassed by Young Bull
Cow In Heat Locator Call
Cow In Heat Long
Cow In Heat Not Ready to Stand
Cow In Heat Short Call
Egyption Goose Flock
Falow Deer Male
Female Fox In Heat
Fox Greeting Bark
Fox Pup In Distress
MagPie Warning
Mouse 1
Mouse 2
Old Bull Challenge Call
Old Bull In Love
Old Bull Wants To Fight
Pink Footed Goose Flock
Red Stag Male
Roe Deer Female
Roe Deer Male
Single Greyleg Goose Flock
Single Greyleg Goose
Song Bird Distress
Young Bull Wants To Fight
Baby kit fox
Fox and Coyote Puppy
Fox bark
Fox barking distance
Fox call
Fox cry
Gray fox & coyote puppy
Gray fox bark
Gray Fox
Red fox whines
Red fox yipps
Turkey distress fox daytime
Canada Geese Flock
Canada Geese
Canada Goose 1
Canada Goose 2
Canada Goose Call
Canada Goose Clucks & Double Clucks
Canada Goose Come Back Call 2
Canada Goose Come Back Call
Canada Goose Greeting Call 2
Canada Goose Greeting Call
Canada Goose Intermediate Greeting Call
Canada Goose Laydown Call
Goose Domestic
Mallard Comeback Call 2
Mallard Comeback Call

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