JAKKALSROEP KOMBO!! FLX500 Electronic Predator Call PLUS Jakkalsroep CD Download

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The newly designed Flextone Dog Soldier series FLX 500 programmable electronic calling system is highly recommended for the serious predator hunter. The call features a high quality speaker system with a long-range remote control. The remote has an effective range of 150 yards, but the call can also be operated manually. There are two auxiliary ports for adding addition speakers to the call. The Flextone comes pre-loaded with 100 sounds that are organized by species and can hold a maximum of 500 sounds. Increase your odds this predator season with a Flextone.


  • Supports multiple file types for audio upload
  • Professional sound library organized by species
  • Calling system allows you to add sounds
  • Remote or on-call activation
  • Full color remote control display with day/night mode options
  • Easy to access calls
  • Water resistant
  • Includes shoulder strap
  • High Quality 3 speaker system for zero distortion
  • SD card slot for loading and playing additional calls

    Die Aflaaibare CD bevat 32 klanke en is ideaal vir elektroniese roepers en reeds in MP3 formaat.

    Dit sluit die volgende roepe in:

    1. Jakkals Distress Tarka

    2. Jakkals Baklei 1

    3. Jakkels Baklei 4

    4. Vlekkie 3A

    5. Vlekkie E

    6. Elsneus

    7. Klein Hasie Combo

    8. Vlakhasie DG_1

    9. Vlakhasie DG_2

    10. Springhaas Combo 1

    11. Springhaas 5

    12. Springhaas Combo 2

    13. Springbok

    14. Vlakhasie Jager

    15. Groot Vlakhaas Combo

    16. Klein Vlakhasie

    17. Jakkals Distress 3

    18. Steenbok Combo

    19 Klein Jakkalsie Distress

    20. Jakkals Mooihuil

    21. Jakkals Roep 1

    22. Kat/Jakkals Baklei

    23. Klein Jakkals Distress 1

    24. Klein Jakkals Distress 2

    25. Dassie

    26. Springhaas 2

    27. Vlakhaas Louis

    28. Jakkals Alleen

    29. Challenge

    30. Ore 1 Vlakhaas

    31. Ore 2 Vlakhaas

    32. Vlekkie 1 Jakkals

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