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What is the Karoo?

Spanning nearly 400 000km2 in the geographic midriff of South Africa, the Karoo must be one of the quietest places on Earth.

A semi-desert place of immense spaces, wide-angle horizons, craggy mountain ranges, conical hills, an ancient inland seabed, and a sky so big that at night it feels like you can touch the stars.

The Great Karoo stands proudly with other desert tourism regions like the Australian Outback and Arizona and New Mexico in the United States, and makes for a memorable road-trip.

It seems you could travel for months in and about the towns of the Great Karoo and have a different experience in each one.

Outdoor enthusiasts from all over the globe visit the Karoo for mountain biking, trail running, hunting, canoeing, hiking, star gazing and much more.

Make sure on your next travels to plan a long trip through the Karoo!




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