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Load image into Gallery viewer, Acebeam H30 RED+CRI Headlamp
Load image into Gallery viewer, Acebeam H30 RED+CRI Headlamp

Acebeam H30 RED+CRI Headlamp

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With a maximum lumen output of 4000 lumens, the revolutionary new Acebeam H30 LED Rechargeable Headlamp promises to be the brightest headlight on the market. The H30 would be a superb choice for illuminating areas filled with darkness and poor visibility conditions.  Having a reliable light source like the Acebeam H30 will surely come in handy. As a rechargeable headlamp, the H30 is perfect for lighting your way during outdoor activities such as hunting, camping, bicycling, running, hiking, skiing, caving, and more. With a throw distance of up to 208 meters, the Acebeam H30 is the perfect tool to help you see in those dark areas when camping. In addition, it gives off a bright light that will scare away any animals or people who disturb your campsite while you're sleeping!


Ultra-Low: 3 lms; 200 hours; 5 meters; 6cd
Low: 120 lms; 23.7 hours; 40 meters; 410cd
Medium: 380 lms; 7.5 hours; 54 meters; 740cd
High: 1100 lms; 2.9 hours; 89 meters; 2000cd
Turbo: 2200 lms - 1000 lms; 5.5 minutes + 2.4 hours; 118 meters; 3500cd
Turbo-Max: 4000 lms - 1000 lms; 1.5 minutes + 2.5 hours; 171 meters; 7300cd
SOS: 50 lms; 72 hours;
Red light: 50 lms; 10 hours; 15 meters; 60cd
CRI: 120 lms; 11 hours; 21 meters; 110cd