Bresser Professional 7in1 WIFI Weather Centre - Black

R 8,399


Wireless weather station with 7-in-1 multi-sensor and Wi-Fi function
Measures temperature, humidity, air pressure, light intensity and UV
Measures wind speed and rain fall with historical memory


    Compared with the Professional 6-in-1 Wi-Fi weather centre (item no. 7002540000000), the new Bresser Professional 7in1 WIFI Weather Centre has a new light intensity measurement function.

    The 7-in-1 weather centre measures a wide range of meteorological data directly in your vicinity, which can be viewed remotely via an app. If you require additional functions, the weather centre can be expanded with a range of optional sensors.



    Features of base station

    • Wi-fi connection with internet time synchronization and support for firmware updates
    • Automatic or manual time setting
    • Publish your weather data on wunderground or weathercloud
    • Indoor temperature (c/ f) and humidity (%)
    • Outdoor temperature (c/ f) and humidity (%)
    • Light intensity (klux / kfc / w/m)
    • Displays the current uv index, exposure level and recommended protection
    • Displays sunburn time (mins) based on current uv level
    • Wind direction and speed (m/s km/h knoten mph)
    • Beaufort index (scale for measuring wind speed)
    • Air pressure with 24-hour history (hpa/inhg/mmhg)

    Features of base station

    • Rainfall with history (day/week/month)
    • Graphical weather forecast for next 12-24 hours
    • Weather index (feels like function, dew point, heat index, wind chill factor)
    • Trend indicator shows the weather trends for the next few minutes
    • Visual comfort level indicator for room temperature and humidity
    • Phases of the moon
    • Sunrise and sunset times
    • Alarm with snooze function (5 minutes)
    • Weekday alarm
    • Min/max memory (up to 24 hours)
    • Ice/frost warning
    • Led backlight, amber-coloured
    • Wall bracket and table stand
    • Supports a 7-in-1 sensor and up to 7 indoor sensors (includes 1x 7-in-1 sensor and 1x indoor sensor)
    • Dimensions: 215 x 172 x 29 mm and weight: 639 g
    • Power supply: power adapter and 3x aaa batteries as backup batteries (batteries are not included)
    • Security type: supports wpa3 encryption as of firmware 1.09

    Features of 7-in-1 multi-sensor

    • Measures the wind speed, wind direction and rainfall
    • Measures the uv and light intensity
    • Measures the temperature and humidity
    • Transmission range: up to 150 m
    • Rf frequency: 868 mhz
    • Transmission interval: 12 seconds for uv, light intensity, wind speed and wind direction, and 24 seconds for temperature, humidity and rain data
    • Can be mounted on masts (diameter approx. 25-33 mm) or placed on level surface with stand
    • Includes mounting materials for the outdoor sensor
    • Power supply: 3x aa batteries (not included)
    • Dimensions: 370.5 x 334 x 144.5 mm and weight: 1096 g

    Features of indoor sensor

    • Measures the indoor temperature and humidity
    • Transmission range: up to 150 m
    • Rf frequency: 868 mhz
    • Transmission interval: 60 seconds
    • Wall bracket and table stand
    • Power supply: 2x aa batteries (not included)
    • Dimensions: 60 x 113 x 39.5 mm and weight: 144 g



    Field Of Application
    Field Of Application Air pressure measuring, Rainfall measurement, Temperature alarm, wake-up alarm, Time information, Weather forecast, Temperature measurement, Wind measurement
    Product Family
    Product Family Weather Center
    Type Weather station
    Display Options
    Display Type Digital
    Season Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall
    Time/Date Display 24/12 hours, current date, weekday display
    Temperature Display inside or outside (C/F selectable)
    Inside Temperature Yes
    Outside Temperature Yes
    Humidity Yes
    Humidity Yes
    Humidity Measuring Range (%) From 20
    Humidity Measuring Range (%) To 90
    Storm And Extreme Weather Warning yes
    Wind Measurement Wind speed and direction
    Wind Directions Displayable 16
    Weather Trend Yes
    Weather Forecast 12-hour forecast
    Electronics, Hardware & Software
    Main Features Outdoor temperature (C), DCF time signal (RC clock CET), Clear and simple controls, High/Low value alert, Indoor temperature (C/F), Compatible with Web Services for weather data exchange, Air pressure (hPa/bar), History data memory, Humidity (%), Multi-colour display, Moon phases, Precipitation (mm/m2), Supports Smartphone/Tablet/PC, Time and date, Wi-Fi function, Wind speed, Wind direction, Outdoor temperature (C/F)
    Display Size 20 cm
    Power Supply 1.5V Batteries
    Batteries Needed2 6x AA (Mignon), 1.5V
    Transmission Frequency 868 MHz
    Transmission Range 30 m
    Lighting Backlight
    Backlighting Yes
    Supported Time Signal DCF (CET)
    General Technical Data
    Inside Temperature (C) From -40
    Inside Temperature (C) Up To 70
    Outside Temparature (C) From -40
    Outside Temparature (C) Up To 80
    Rainfall Measuring Range (Mm) From 0
    Rainfall Measuring Range (Mm) To 9999
    Barometric Air Pressure Range (Mbar) From 850
    Barometric Air Pressure Range (Mbar) Up To 1050
    Wind Speed Measuring Range (Km/H) From 0
    Wind Speed Measuring Range (Km/H) To 180
    Colour grey / black
    Body Material Plastic
    Type Of Mounting Stand
    Dimensions & Weights
    Total Length 215 mm
    Total Width 172 mm
    Total Height 30 mm
    Net Weight (Without Access.) 610 g
    Net Weight Total (Incl. Accessories) 1840 g



    • Base station with stand
    • 7-in-1 multi-sensor with mounting materials
    • Thermometer/hygrometer
    • Power adapter
    • Instruction manual


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