Bresser Taurus 90/900 MPM Refractor Telescope - 90mm

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Beginner friendly 90mm Aperture Height-adjustable tripod

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The Bresser Taurus 90/900 MPM Refractor Telescope - 90mm is a beginner friendly, high magnification Achromatic Refractor Telescope, with 90 mm aperture, 900 mm focal length, azimuthal and equatorial mount, tripod, and a wide range of accessories for fascinating discoveries. The telescope features a 90 degree eyepiece to allow you to have the ultimate comfortable viewing experience. This complete astronomy set already includes everything you need to start observing the sky.

This easy to use telescope is ideal for beginners or children to see the wonders of the universe. It has crisp clear imaging, due to multicoated optics and the 90mm aperture, which collects about 160 times more light than the human eye. The resolution of the 90 mm lens lets you enjoy really sharp images at magnifications up to about 180x. This telescope technically can go up to 675x magnification with all the included accessories, however, the more you zoom, the less crisp and clear the view becomes. Due to the long focal length, especially the sun, moon, planets, open star clusters and globular clusters become absolute eye-catchers.

The Taurus telescope comes with everything you need for a quick start in stargazing, see the accessories list below. When searching for celestial bodies worth seeing, take your first look through the included LED viewfinder, it will help you align the telescope precisely for the best view possible. The two eyepieces included in the set (4 mm, 20 mm) allow you to admire completely different views of the same celestial object. More impressively, the 3x magnification Barlow Lens allows you to triple the magnification of the telescope.

Arguably, the most important accessory is the smartphone camera adapter, which allows you to take your first steps into astrophotography, allowing you to use your phone camera to capture the night sky.

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  • Complete kit
  • Achromatic refractor
  • Up to 675x magnification
  • Aluminium construction
  • Beginner friendly
  • 90mm Aperture
  • Height-adjustable tripod
  • Astrophotography ready
  • Sharp and high contrast image
  • Many accessories included



Field of application Lunar observation, Planetary observation, Solar observation
Optical design Achromatic Refractor
Magnification 45 - 675x
Maximum recommended magnification 180
Mirror Diameter (mm) 90
Lens diameter (mm) 90
Focal length (mm) 900
Optical Coating MgF2 coating
Optical Coating Colour Blue
Finderscope LED-Red Dot Finder
Battery Type 1x CR2032, 3V
Battery included Yes
Material Aluminium
Polefinder Scope Red Dot Finder
Tripod Material Aluminium
Colour Carbon Fiber
Mount Type Multipurpose Mount (MPM)
Total length (cm) 90
Total width (cm) 90
Total height (cm) 140
Tripod height adjustment Yes
Weight (kg) 6.6
Included Starter lens telescope, Aluminium tripod, MPM mount, Eyepieces: 4 mm and 20 mm (1.25 inch socket), Barlow lens 3x (1.25 inch socket), Star diagonal mirror, LED illuminated dot finder, Solar filter, Smartphone camera adapter, Accessory tray, Astronomy software download, Instruction manual

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