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Load image into Gallery viewer, Pard TS31-25 Thermal Scope
Load image into Gallery viewer, Pard TS31-25 Thermal Scope
Load image into Gallery viewer, Pard TS31-25 Thermal Scope
Load image into Gallery viewer, Pard TS31-25 Thermal Scope
Load image into Gallery viewer, Pard TS31-25 Thermal Scope
Load image into Gallery viewer, Pard TS31-25 Thermal Scope


Pard TS31-25 Thermal Scope

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Introducing the PARD TS31-25 Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope - Black, a state-of-the-art optics solution designed to elevate your shooting experience to new heights. With its versatility and advanced features, this rifle scope is a true game-changer for hunters and marksmen.

The TS31-25 comes with a range of objective lens options, including 19mm, 25mm, 35mm, and 45mm. This selection allows you to tailor your thermal imaging experience to suit your specific needs, whether it's long-range precision shooting or close-quarters engagement.

With an eye relief of 100mm, this rifle scope ensures that you maintain a comfortable and safe distance between your eye and the scope during operation, even in high-recoil scenarios.

The -3/+5 diopter adjustment feature enables you to fine-tune the focus to match your individual eyesight, ensuring crisp and clear imagery every time. Choose from multiple optical magnification options, including 1.7x, 2.2x, 3x, and 4x. These levels of magnification allow you to zoom in on your target for precise aiming, whether you're tracking game in the wilderness or honing your marksmanship skills at the range.

The TS31-25 boasts an impressive 800px x 800px display resolution, delivering stunningly detailed thermal images. This level of clarity ensures that you can easily identify targets, even in low-light or adverse weather conditions. Tailor your shooting experience with four different reticle color options: red, white, yellow, and green. Choose the color that suits your preferences and shooting environment for enhanced visibility and accuracy.

Capture your shooting experiences in breathtaking detail with a photo resolution of 1536px x 1536px. Document your hunts, training sessions, and achievements with exceptional clarity and precision. The TS31-25 offers specialized scene modes, including city, rain, and forest settings. These modes optimize image contrast and quality depending on your surroundings, ensuring you have the best possible view of your target, whether you're in an urban environment or deep in the woods.

The PARD TS31-25 Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope is a versatile and advanced tool for hunters and marksmen. With its objective lens options, adjustable diopter, optical magnification choices, high-resolution display, reticle customization, photo capture capabilities, and scene modes, this rifle scope empowers shooters to take on a wide range of scenarios with confidence and precision. Upgrade your shooting game with the TS31-25 and experience a new level of shooting excellence.


  • 19mm/25mm/35mm/45mm objective lens
  • Eye relief of 100mm
  • -3/+5 diopter adjustment
  • Optical magnification of 1.7x/2.2x/3x/4x
  • 800px x 800px display resolution
  • 4 reticle colours (red,white,yellow,green)
  • 1536px x 1536px photo resolution
  • City, rain, forest scene mode



Type Uncooled VOx(Vanadium Oxide)
Resolution 384px x 288px
Pixel Size 12um x 12um
NETD <35mK(0.035 Degrees Celcius)
Frame Rate 50Hz
Human Detection Distance 800m/1100m/1400m/1700m
Vehicle Detection Distance 1800m/2200m/2600m/3000m
Objective Lens 19mm/25mm/35mm/45mm
Optical Magnification 1.7x/2.2x/3x/4x
Digital Zoom 2x/4x/6x
Eye Relief 100mm
Diopter Adjustment -3/+5
Resolution 800px x 800px
Reticle Colour 4 (Red, White, Yellow, Green)
Reticle Style 6
Scene Mode City, Rain, Forest
Image Mode Whitehot / Blackhot / Redhot / Fusion 1 / Fusion 2 / Ironred 1 / Ironred 2
Photo / Video
Photo Resolution 1536px x 1536px
Photo Format JPG
Video Resolution 768px x 768
Video Format MP4
Storage TF Card (max 128GB)
Main Function
LRF Detection Range 1000m
Loop Recording Yes
Self-Motivation Recording Yes
Ballistic Calculator Yes
Hot Track No
Shutter Mechanical Shutter
Gyroscope Yes
Firmware Upgrade Yes
E-Compass Yes
USB Type-C Yes
HDMI Output Yes
Wifi Yes
Supported Apps PardVision
Power Supply
Battery Type 18650 Li-Ion Battery
Output Voltage 3.7v
Operating Time <6 h,max
External Power Supply Type-C

Detailed Information

Long Eye-relief for Ensured Viewing Comfort:

Lens options each with 100mm of eye relief, a wide field of view, there is a rubber eyepiece to provide concealed observation at night;Keeping the user’s habit of using traditional daytime optic.

800x800 IPS Ultra-clear Display:

The thermal image can be displayed on the display with the picture-in-picture (PIP) function providing a clear heat signature, greatly improve the comfort of eye observation.

Circular Design In The Scope:

Circular display design allows for seeing a whole circle of image. With a wide field of view (FOV), you have a great sense of where the target is in relation to the environment.

High Sensitivity:

12µm LWIR Sensor Featuring a 384×288 pixel or 640*480 pixel 12μm vanadium oxide (VOx) sensor, NETD ≤25mK and 12µm pixel pitch allows users to enjoy rich contrast and bold resolution when acquiring targets.